How to Live your Life to the Fullest as a Teenager in 2022

Live your Life to the Fullest as a Teenager

Welcome to this post about how to live your life to the fullest as a teenager in 2022!

Before you get into the main section of this article, the tips, it’s important that you first reflect upon yourself and your life. Do you feel like you’re sleepwalking through life? Do you wish you had more freedom, more adventure, or more love? If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Hopefully, by now, you are able to understand what you can learn from the past and hope for the future. Living life to the fullest is not just going out to hang out with friends and party – it’s about living a life without any fear or limitations, and this doesn’t come with a new life, it comes with a new mindset. The moment you allow fear and self-doubt to creep into your mind, that is the moment when you stop yourself from living your life to the fullest.

Each day, you get to decide what you want to do, where you want to go, and more. Understand that you have the power to decide every small detail of your daily routine. You could scroll through Instagram seeing other people having fun outside, or go outside and have some fun yourself. You could watch Youtube videos of people doing pranks and doing trick shots, or go do them yourself. Don’t ever feel bad that someone else gets to do something, while you could very well go do it yourself this second.

This doesn’t mean that every day has to be a bright and cheery day, of course we have our good days and our bad days. It’s important that we make the most out of each day in our life because after all, we only have one life to live.

As teenagers, we sometimes feel lost with the pressure of school, friends, and other commitments going on around us. Yes, that is totally understandable, but no, you can’t just sit around complaining about those things. In order to live your life to the fullest, you have to know what you want and go after it, without any fear or hesitancy. Your biggest commitment in life should be to face your fears, ignore any limitations others have set, and finding joy in the race of life. This blog is all about how to live your life to the fullest, so if you need to learn how, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 tips to help you live your life the way you want to:

1. Decide what is important to you and set goals

How to live your life to the fullest

Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, doing good in school, playing sports, or anything else, you get to decide how you want to live your days and life. If you spend your time doing things you don’t think are important, that is not living your life to the fullest. In order to take advantage of each moment in your life, do things that you enjoy and think are important. For example, writing this blog, working, spending time with family, and exercising are very important to me, so I spend the majority of my time doing these things.

Setting goals also play an important part here because once you figure out what is important to you, setting goals can help you try to do more of that action. As an example, if you set a goal of working out 1 hour a day, you will try to exercise each day and by that, you are living your life to the fullest just by doing something that is important to you!

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Life is not meant to be spent in one corner of the world watching others succeed and get further in life. Get out of your comfort zone and get in the real world! Of course, it will be hard to take that first step, but once you do, the hard part is over. Take more risks and do things that your old self would be too afraid to do. Every risk comes with a reward, and that reward is being able to live your life to the fullest.

The longer you stay in your comfort zone, the harder it is to move further in life and live life to the fullest. Start by saying yes when your friends ask you to go out, make even more friends, and exploring the world around you!

“When people look back on their lives, they regret the chances they didn’t take more than the ones they did, so find something new to try today and set goals beyond what you currently believe possible.” (Lifehack)

3. Live in the present

How to live your life to the fullest

You are living in this very moment, the present. The past is gone, and the future didn’t come yet. So, why spend time worrying about something that has either passed or didn’t come yet? Don’t get me wrong – it’s important to learn from the past and plan for the future. But, by obsessing over them, we forget about the present and what’s happening at this very moment.

Let go of the past, you can’t change it now. Stop waiting for the future, it’ll come at the right time. Live consciously and be aware that each breath you take is is a gift (get it?!)

4. Be true to yourself

Oftentimes as teenagers, we tend to get influenced by other things going on around us. While some of those actions may be positive, a lot of it can have a bad impact on us. In order to live your life to the fullest, be true to yourself and don’t compromise your values. If you spend your life living like someone’s life, that’s not enjoying each moment and being grateful for the life you are given.

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Don’t compromise your values just because someone else is. Trust your instincts, and do whatever you want so long as you can look yourself in the mirror with appreciation and love. 

5. Stop putting life on hold

How to live your life to the fullest

Life is not a street or a road, filled with stop signs and red lights. The only stop there is, is to stop putting your life on hold. Life is too short to wait for the ‘perfect time’ to do things, because believe it or not, the ‘perfect time’ doesn’t even exist! As teenagers, we tend to think that we don’t have enough freedom to do things, yet we have all the time to do things we want to. Our time is only going to decrease when we start college, and get a job after that. Don’t wait to do the things you enjoy and long to do; you can’t spend your whole life waiting to start living!

Reflect upon yourself and ask yourself if there’s one area of your life that you’ve been putting off, avoiding or denying? If there is, now is the time to start on it!

6. Create your own opportunities

How to live your life to the fullest

You can wait for opportunities to present themselves to you, or you can make your own. Sure, maybe after waiting for such a long time, you may come across a good opportunity – but what do you do during that long time? Opportunity doesn’t come with luck, it comes with hard work, dedication, and persistence. In order to live your life to the fullest, you can’t wait for something to happen, you have to take action now. By creating opportunities for yourself, you can do what you enjoy and make the most out of your time and energy.

7. Commit to growth

Make it your mission each and every day to become a better version of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. A day in which you grow is a day that has not gone to waste. We are all a work in progress and therefore we should commit to bettering ourselves little by little each and every day so that we can be more of who we are meant to be.

By committing to growth, you are living life to the fullest by using your time wisely to develop your skills and progress in life. Self-reflect on yourself, take courses, and do whatever you want to improve yourself and grow daily!

8. Follow your passion

We Need To Rethink Encouraging Our Kids To "Follow Your Passion"

To start off, if you don’t know what your passion is yet, check out this blog on how to find your passion as a teenager!

If that helps you find your passion, the next step is to follow it! It’s as simple as that. Do what you love to do and do it the best you possibly can. And, if you want to go the extra mile, turn your passion into a success! Start a business out of what you love to do, and the quality of your life will significantly increase!

9. Be your absolute best and don’t settle for less

If you really love something and enjoy doing it, then do your absolute best. If you love playing soccer, keep practicing so that you can make yourself proud with your skills. Or if you love writing, write the best pieces you can. If you’re going to spend your time doing something, you might as well do your absolute best in it! Of course, this doesn’t mean having the mindset of beating everyone else and trying to be better than them – everyone is on their own journey and you can’t compete with that.

Along with that, don’t settle for anything less than what you truly want. If you want better grades, work hard for it. If you have friends who make you feel like a lesser person, make new friends. Go for what you really want and don’t let anyone stop you!

10. Look at the bright side

Look on the bright side and maybe even live longer - Harvard Health

Life is full of hardships and downsides, but you can’t do change anything about that. So, why worry about things that are out of your control? Instead, look at the bright side, acknowledge the pain and get through it. Focus on how you can become a better person because of it, and this will improve your mentality and outlook on life. Be positive, and you will be able to live a much richer life!

The Takeaway:

All in all, the moral of this article is to enjoy life! Yes, school is stressful and other things are difficult. But, that’s the beauty of the journey of life – overcoming hardships and becoming a stronger person because of it. Learning to live life to the fullest is one step closer to achieving a great sense of happiness and accomplishment. Once you implement these 10 practices into your daily life, you will notice a change in your mindset in no time:

  1. Decide what’s important to you and set goals
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
  3. Live in the present
  4. Be true to yourself
  5. Stop putting life on hold
  6. Create your own opportunities
  7. Commit to growth
  8. Follow your passion
  9. Be your absolute best and don’t settle for less
  10. Look at the bright side

For more information, be sure to watch this TED video on living life to the fullest!

Now that you know how to live your life to the fullest, as said in tip #5, now’s the time to start doing it! Start by making a bucket list, and the perfect way to do so is with this bucket list journal!

As a last piece of advice, know that you can’t control what life is going to bring on your journey. You can control your mindset and what you do during your lifetime. That’s why no matter what life throws at you, take it as a blessing, learn from it, and become a stronger person because of it. Learn to love life, because that’s the only way you have to live!

Your mindset and actions will improve your life, if done positively and with the right intentions. So, I hope these 10 tips will help you learn to enjoy and live your life to the fullest. After all, we are teenagers and no one and nothing can stop us from living life!

Have fun, be yourself, enjoy life and stay positive.

Tatiana Maslany

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