The Future of Teen Financial Freedom

In this episode, Jacob and Terry give an update on the last year, reflect on their TFF experience, and make an exciting announcement about the future of Teen Financial Freedom.

The #1 Reason Why You Procrastinate

Today, Jacob and Terry tells us the true the reason why we procrastinate.

Underlying Principles Necessary For Success

Today, Jacob and Terry outline the basic principles for success Home

1 Year of a Productivity Accountability System

Today, Jacob and Terry reflect upon their productivity accountability system they have been using for a year.

The Key To Transitioning A Business Successfully

Before he sets off on a 6 month adventure, Jacob and Terry talk about transitioning businesses.

Why You Should Reduce Your Screen time

Today, Dani and Terry explain why you should reduce your screen time and how it’s beneficial. Home

How to Maximize Your Summer Break

In today’s episode, Dani and Terry talked about how to make your summer break the most productive time. Home

How Should You Finance Your First Car (or any) Part 2

Today, Terry interviews Ian about how he financed his first car as a teen.

Should You Buy Your First Car As A Teen? Part 1

Today, Terry and Ian talk about Ian’s recent purchase and some of his advice. Home

What We Can Learn From 300 Millionaires

Today, Terry explains a deeply interesting article about lessons learned from hundred of millionaires, link down below

How to Break Out of Ruts

Today, Terry talks about ways to get out of a mental rut and back on track. Home

100th Episode Special: TFF’s Story, Stats, and Future

We are celebrating out 100th episode, please join us for this day of celebration.