Mentors Are Real Life Cheat Codes

Today, Terry talks about how mentors are a cheat code to life. He tells us how to find one and build an relationship. Home

How to Eat the Frogs in Your Life

In this episode, Terry discusses amazing ways to kill your procrastination. Home

How to Avoid Burnout as a Entrepreneur

Today, Chase and Terry sit down for the first time in weeks and discuss how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur and improve your mindset. Home

Building a Business as a Programmer w/ Ben Aubin

Today, Chase interviews Ben Aubin with his experience of building a business as a programmer in high school. Guest Bio He is fascinated by systems. His interests extend from computer systems to the whole context of our work as software engineers: the communities we belong to, the impacts of our products, and the economics that […]

The Importance of Rest

Jacob and Terry talk about how to avoid burn out and ways to take a well-deserved rest.

The Secret to Fulfillment in Life

In Part 2, Jacob and Terry talk about their thoughts on the secrets to a fullfilled life. Home

Struggling to Socialize In College As An Entrepreneur

Today, Terry and Jacob talk about their struggles finding a social life with like-minded people. Episode Link and resources Home

Practical Tips For Starting A Small Business

As a little part 3 ish, Jacob and Terry give their best tips for running a small business.

Why Entrepreneurship is Overhyped And Is Not Meant For Everyone

As a continuation from the last episode about Jacob’s start up, Jacob and Terry discuss why Entrepreneurship is overhyped and not for everyone. Home

The Story of Jacob’s New Airport Shuttle Business

In this episode, Jacob explained to Terry how he discovered a perfect business opportunity, worked to find capital, and launched his start-up. Home

Debating Whether Or Not To Go To College

Jacob and Terry have a important conversation about their views on going to college and its pros vs cons

The Benefits Of Taking A Gap Year

Jacob and Terry discuss why more people are taking gap years. Jacob also takes about things he would like to do during a “gap semester”.