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Why College is Important in 2022

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This is a guest post from Ankita over at Frugal Beat. Frugal Beat is another personal finance blog for teens, so make sure you check it out!

“Why is college important?”- has this question popped up in your head? Well, I think it is very important and the most beautiful phase of life.

College is not just about getting an education but this helps to build your career. Some youngsters think that it is important to have more fun, but for some students college life is the first step towards a great career.

In this current blog let’s see why it is important and how you can utilize this phase of life productively. So let’s see the importance of college that opens the door for amazing money-making opportunities for youngsters.

Why College is Important for Youngsters?

Why College is Important

Well, earning a college degree has its own benefits. I personally feel that it makes one’s life better in so many ways.

1 . College helps to get internships and make money

If you are a student then you will get more opportunities to make money from internships. Even most of the companies recruit interns on the basis of their educational qualifications.

So college helps to grab more internship opportunities. You can check out websites like AngleList to look for internships and part-time jobs even if you are a teen student to earn money.

2. You can build new skills

Going to college and competing education has its own charm. It provides you an environment where you can build new skills.

You may be good at cricket or chess, you can join your university’s sports team to improve your sports skill. And even in future days, you can opt for sports as your career to make money. So directly or indirectly, it helps you to open the doors for money-making opportunities.

3. Improves communication skills that help in your career

During college days you are going to make new friends and new people. You will get so many opportunities to improve yourself. Even I improved my communication skill during my college days.

This is helping me in my career as well. So you can also get more exposures. So make sure you have a good company of friends that uplifts you.

4. Get high paying jobs

Some people say getting a college degree won’t help you that much. But in reality, it helps you one or the other way. Having a college certificate is something like having proof for your academics.

Some surveys also show that on average, one who gets a degree gets more job opportunities. So it is also one of the factors that helps you to get a high paying job.

5. College boosts your confidence about future

When you complete your academics you get more confident about your future. You start to feel like you can explore more things in your life. This type of confidence is really important for youngsters.

So to be more confident about your future I advise completing your academics through college.

6. Helps to get jobs in other counties

If you look for other countries to get jobs or to get a higher education then you should have a basic college degree with you. This will work in your favor to move to other big counties and get a high paying job.

I’m not saying that you can’t move to other countries for a job if you don’t finish your college education. But if you complete it, then your chances will be more. You can easily apply for international jobs.

7. Boosts financial literacy

In college days you will learn many new subjects like economics, business studies etc. All this helps you to improve your financial literacy.

Trust me, one who improves financial literacy can manage money well in life. You will be having more knowledge about investment, saving money and other financial schemes.

Is College Really Necessary To Earn More Money?

Why College is Important

Well, you can get many real-life examples where you can see school dropouts but still achieved success in life. So, now you may be thinking that college is nothing to do with success. But it’s not completely true.

In rare cases, you can find such stories, where college dropouts earn more money. But I advise that if you are interested in business or self-employment then also you can complete your college along with your work. This will be your plus point.

In future days if you feel like you should shift from your business to a job then you can also do that easily. So be prepared for the hardships of your life.

Pick up an education course that helps you to earn money

In college days you should think before choosing a course. Also, you should have a vision for your career. So as a student be more sensible to pick an educational course that will help you to set your career so that you can earn more money in future days.

So if you are thinking about why college is important then analyze these above-said points. You will get clarity in your mind and you can achieve more in academics as well as in your career.

I highly reccomend reading the book, “Will College Pay Off?: A Guide to the Most Important Financial Decision You’ll Ever Make

We hope you enjoyed this post and best of luck on your college decision!

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