June 2021 Monthly Blog Review

Welcome to this June 2021 Monthly Blog Review!

If you haven’t seen one of these before, we like to do monthly reviews where we share some updates on our blog and our personal lives. We recap the new posts and episodes that have come out this month, share any news and stats for the month, then share our personal stories from the month at the end.

New Blog Posts

June 2021 Monthly Blog Review

Here are the blog posts we published this month:

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  • How to Spend Your Summer Productively As A Teenager
  • How To Make Money As A Teenager
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  • Everything I’ve Learned About Productivity In My 18 Years of Life
  • The Power of Real Estate Investing

New Podcast Episodes

Here are the podcast episodes we published this month:

  • Tips on Starting Your Own Podcast with Chase Guelette
  • These Fears Are Holding You Back
  • Staying Consisent with Dani Kaur
  • Couch Flipping Side Hustle with Chase Guelette
  • Improving Your Financial Situation with Jeff Fang
  • How to Network In-Person with Chase Guelette
  • How To Make Money On Fiverr in 2021
  • The Surprising Benefits of Giving
  • How To Be Productive in 2021 (Definitive Guide) – Part 1


June 2021 Monthly Blog Review

Nothing new to report this month. We’re still staying focused on our main goals and working toward them each and every day. Stay tuned next month for some exciting updates!

What We Worked On

As I just mentioned, we tried to stay focused on our main goals this month of growing the blog, podcast, and working on our course. We probably made the most progress on the podcast.

In one week alone this month, we recorded 10 podcast episodes. Most of which were with new guests you guys haven’t seen before. Stay tuned to the podcast next month to check out these episodes. They’re my favorite ones yet!

In addition, Terry and I (Jacob) set up an accountability system that we think is going to help us both stay more consistent with our TFF work. We hope to do a podcast recording about this next month as well!


June 2021 Monthly Blog Review

We’re not exactly sure what happened this month, but we had a sizeable drop in organic traffic. Maybe there was some update that came out that we didn’t know about or something similar. Regardless, here are our stats for the month:

  • 5,500 Users
  • 18,000 Pageviews
  • 158,000 Pinterest Impressions
  • 173,000 Google Search Console Impressions
  • 4,000 Google Search Console Clicks

For context, this is about a 20-30% drop from the last few month’s of traffic. However, as of now we’re not changing anything. We’re hoping this is just part of the natural cycle to growth that will turn around soon enough.

Personal Lives

Now it’s time for our personal updates from the month:


June might be one of the best months of my life! Not only did I just get back from an amazing vacation to Mexico where tons of family came to surprise me for my graduation, but I was just crushing life when I returned.

I wanted to get better at building good habits and I now have a system to do that. I’ve started implementing something known as the two-day rule with a monetary twist. I won’t go into too much detail here because I’ve been talking about it a ton on the podcast lately. Needless to say, this method is working really well for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

But in addition to habits, my businesses are progressing really well. I took some huge steps this month to move difficult projects forward and I think it’s going to pay off big time. My motto this month has been, “Do hard things.”, which I have told myself each and every day to motivate myself to work toward my goals.

All and all, life is just going really well for me right now. I find myself happy, content, and motivated on a daily basis. Honestly this is exactly what I needed after a few rocky months at the start of 2021.

Sometimes I get caught up in the little things and feel like life isn’t going my way. However, I’ve been trying to stay focused on the big picture. So far in 2021, I have achieved a lot. I can confidently say that this has already been one of the best years of my life. This new perspective as kept me grounded in the day to day grind and I couldn’t be happier about the trajectory of my life.


June was an emotional roller coaster for me lol. I started off the month pretty poorly, but have recently been able to pick it up a lot better. I had a few random productive days where I would achieve things like organizing my massive email inbox and trimming it down by roughly 2000 emails, and then some other days where I would get more legitimate work done.

A big turning point for my month was listening to Atomic Habits with my Dad. It’s been instrumental in pointing out some critical flaws in the manner in which I approached my days and habits and it’s been amazing fixing those flaws. Because of the Atomic Habits book and a challenge by my Dad I started reading a book called “Principles: Life & Work” by Ray Dalio, and just today that reading paid off in a big way helping me solve some more problems.

So recently, it’s just been a lot of small wins slowly building up. The unproductive and unorganized start to my summer threw me off but I’m glad I’m finally coming back around. Oh, and one other cool update! Jacob helped setup a small 1-on-1 accountability system for getting 2-3 critical tasks done per week, and one of my favorite aspects of the system is that we place a small monetary bet on each task. We’ve only tried it a week so far but it worked surprisingly well, so shout-out to Jacob for that great idea! Maybe we’ll post an article or podcast about it after a few more weeks. 🙂


June was a very fun and easy month for me! I’m super glad that I was able to not only have fun, but also work hard and be productive. As said in our last monthly review post, my goals were to organize both my school’s and personal’s Gmail and Google Drive, work more on TFF while writing 2 blogs a week, and also play tennis more often. Here is how that went:

  1. I was able to organize my school and my own Gmail and google drive and everything is all cleaned up. I deleted all the files I didn’t need, and created folders to organize specific types of files I had.
  2. Unfortunately, I did not write 2 blogs a week, but in my opinion, I did work a lot on this blog. I created all the graphics for the next pile of podcast episodes and scheduled them. Along with this, I even got to record a couple of podcast episodes with Jacob and Chase. Initially, I didn’t want to record podcasts because I didn’t think I would be good at it, but after recording one episode, I enjoyed it A TON. I started doing more and more, and this led me to getting out of my comfort zone and gaining new skills. One of the biggest lessons I learned is to try new things and stop staying in your comfort zone!
  3. I really enjoy playing tennis, especially with my family. I have definitely played tennis more often this month and I have a lot of fun playing it. On the other hand, this led me to working out less. I used to exercise 4-5 times a week, but with tennis, it declined to 3 times a week. This next month, I’m looking to find the perfect balance between tennis and exercise.

Along with these goals, I have also been working on these other goals:

  1. Reading more. So far, I have read the book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” I’m ordering the books, “Atomic Habits,” and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” soon and I’m excited to read them.
  2. I started doing KhanAcademy’s Personal Finance Course. I am halfway through it, and I’m looking to complete more of the videos in the following days.

My goals for the next month are to:

  1. Create a vision board. I am planning on hanging a vision board over my desk, so that whenever I am working, I am inspired to hustle! Stay tuned for a blog post about how I will create my vision board, why I wanted to create it in the first place, and how I think it will help me!
  2. Create a productivity system. I have all my steps ready to create a productivty system that works the best for me, so I just have to start implementing them. I asked Jacob for advice on where to start, and he gave me awesome tips, such as day theming and time blocking. Stay tuned for a blog post where I will write all about coming up with the system, using it, and more!

All in all, June has been an awesome month where I was able to both enjoy and work hard. I’m hoping to get everything rolling next month so I’m excited for what’s to come!

Let us know in the comments your goals for the summer and what you have achieved so far!

Next Steps

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