Community Update!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since TFF has last posted content, so I (Terry) wanted to provide you guys with a quick update on what’s been happening these last two months.

Team Changes:

Several of our team members have resigned from their active roles at TFF. Here’s a shout-out to all the amazing people who were helping TFF run smoothly over the past 1-2 years.

  • Jacob: He’s the founder of this site and has stepped away for a 6-month mission trip. You can read more about his update in his last post.
  • Dani: She crushed it with the blogging! Dani was with TFF for a little over a year and had written north of 90 articles in that time.
  • Chase: He originally started producing his own podcast and then joined TFF shortly after as our main podcast host. I haven’t pulled the stats on how many episodes he recorded, but he did an awesome job and produced a lot of high-quality content for us.
    Ruby: She was our primary social media manager and did a great job. Big thanks to Ruby for helping us stay consistent with our social media! 🙂

You can read more about all these great people on our about page.

The Current Team:

  • Terry (that’s me!): I’m more or less stepping into Jacob’s old role of running TFF. There’s a lot for me to learn in a lot of different areas, but I’ll also be the primary podcast host. I’m not sure how much blog writing I’ll be doing… but I might be doing some of that too.
  • Ian: He’s gonna be my right-hand man and holding me accountable for all the tasks I’ve got to accomplish. He’s also TFF’s operations/backend guy and helps me a lot with the podcast.

TFF’s Future:

  • Website redesign: This might be irrelevant by the time you read this update, but as of this writing, the website pretty much sucks. So I’ve got my work cut out for me to redesign the whole thing and make it look as presentable as I can with my lack of coding skills. 🙂 This is my #1 priority at the moment since I hate having a poorly designed site as the face of TFF.
  • Content: I’ve got to get content back on track soon and start regularly posting again. That’s priority #2. I’ve got a lot of great things planned for the podcast!


I basically just wanted to let you guys know that even though there’s been a lull in our regular content, no, TFF isn’t going anywhere. A lot of these changes happened as I took a spontaneous 3-week internship in Denver, CO so that made this transition a little difficult. I’ve got one more weekend trip (starting tomorrow) to TN, and then I start my junior year of college the following week. So soon enough, I’ll be back to a normal routine and able to start making a lot of great progress with things here at TFF!

Thanks for reading, and bearing with us during all these changes. See you guys soon with some more updates!

Next Steps

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