What Tennis Taught Me About Success

Welcome to this post on what tennis taught me about success! Recently, I was part of my high school’s JV girls tennis team. The season started at the beginning of the school year and ended at the beginning of November, lasting for three months. These three months were a blast. Every Monday and Wednesday, we […]

I Hit A Stage Of Burnout

Welcome to this post, “I Hit A Stage Of Burnout”! This post is going to be a little different than most of our posts. It is going to be more of a personal reflection of my life. There won’t be any advice for you readers. No tips or things I suggest. Just me and things […]

A Day In My Life As a High School Student (Freshman Edition)

Welcome to this blog on a day in my life as a high school student (freshman edition) For the past 30 minutes, I’ve been searching the web for an interesting topic to write a blog on. However, it got me nowhere. And then, 15 seconds ago, I had the idea to write a blog on […]

Productivity Hacks To Get Things Done in 2022

Welcome to this blog on productivity hacks to get things done in 2022! Whether it’s every hour, every day, or every week, we all have times where we just can’t seem to get things done. Sometimes, there are just too many distractions around us and sometimes, it’s our mind that prevents us from starting to […]

Habits of Successful Students in 2021

Welcome to this blog on the habits of successful students in 2021! I usually write posts of success in life, but I thought I would change it up with this post and write about success in school instead. As much as success in life is what we all really want, success in school is extremely […]

How I Budget My Time As A College Student in 2022

Welcome to this post, “How I Budget My Time As A College Student in 2022”! I started my freshman year of college a little over a month ago and what a crazy month it has been. If you’re interested in hearing why, check out this post. It feels like things are finally starting to slow […]

Small Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life In 2022

Welcome to this blog on small daily habits that will change your life as a teenager in 2022! There are many blogs out there that talk about good habits that you should start implementing in your life, but this blog is not going to be like one of those. The main difference is because this […]

Ways To Practice Self-Care As a Teenager

Welcome to this blog on ways to practice self-care as a teenager! School, sports, jobs, extracurriculars, and so much. Teenagers’ lives are so busy nowadays that we forget to focus on ourselves. We forget to give ourselves the energy we need to continue hustling. We think we don’t have the time to give ourselves the […]

13 Lessons I Learned From The Craziest Month of My Life

Welcome to this post, “13 Lessons I Learned From The Craziest Month of My Life”! A month ago I wrote a post called “The World of Finance Has Consumed Me“. In it I talked about how finance had started to take over every decision, every action, and every thought in my life. I talked about […]

What Video Games Can Teach You About Success in 2022

Welcome to this post, “What Video Games Can Teach You About Success in 2022”! Video Games? Success? Now, I know this article may seem weird. “Video games teaching me about success? Yeah right.” I’m not necessarily saying the secret to financial independence and a fantastic return on your investments is to get really good at […]

10 Ways To Develop Self-Awareness As A Teenager in 2022

Welcome to this blog on 10 ways to develop self-awareness as a teenager in 2022! I recently wrote a blog on the importance of self-reflection as a teenager. Check it out here! Self-reflection and self-awareness are closely tied together as in order to reflect on yourself, you must be aware of yourself, and in order […]

How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition in 2022

Welcome to this blog about how to set yourself apart from the competition in 2022! I’m going to start this blog with an observation I’ve seen throughout my life, especially at school. All throughout elementary school through high school, we try to act the way those who are surrounding us are. If someone’s wearing a […]