5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Drive Sales

Welcome to this blog on 5 reasons why you should use video marketing to drive sales!

If you have an ecommerce store or even work in an ecommerce store, you must know that the main intention is to drive the traffic to the store. You must help customers to buy products and even ask them to buy more products than ever. To activate all these things you can use one technique, and you are good to increase sales. Video marketing is the one thing that does magic to your ecommerce store.

Let’s discuss the five reasons why video marketing is the most powerful tool that helps you drive traffic to your business and increase sales. 

Reason 1: People Love to Watch Videos

It is common nowadays that people love to watch videos more than reading blog posts. Why do people love videos to watch? The videos are fun, easy to digest, and people’s favorite time passes. If a business does not upload videos on the website or social media pages, consumers lose interest in the brand. 

2/3rd of the consumers know that the brands are using videos to maximize their reach. People love those companies who use videos as a mode of their communication. They feel interesting, savvy and attract the consumers. These brands have more potential to reach their heights compared to the companies that do not use videos. 

Almost 30% of people want to watch videos from ecommerce sites like tutorials, product descriptions, customer testimonials behind the scenes. If you want consumers to watch videos, then you must focus on engagement. You should make a video that sounds fun, easily understandable, and interesting.

If people watch the entire video, they are highly likely to influence the business prospects. Create engaging videos, but it has to be not too short and not too long. The video should load correctly on the social media page, or else people will leave the page and go away.

Reason 2: Video Helps in Organic Traffic

Many ecommerce websites spend lots of money to drive organic traffic to their websites. But video marketing is one thing that drives organic traffic in less amount. When you upload a video on the website, the quality of the website also improves. Hence, 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.

With the help of bounce rate, Google analyzes the website quality. If the visitor comes to a website and goes out immediately, Google considers it a low-quality website. 

You have to use engaging video to drive authentic traffic to your website to reduce the bounce rate. Videos are the ones that offer high engagement. You can offer two types of videos like educational engagement videos and sales videos.

In engagement videos, you can upload product reviews, hacks, and tips. During sales videos, you can upload testimonials, promotional videos. Hence, you decide what suits you best for your brand or ecommerce store and accordingly make videos. 

Reason 3: People Watch Video to Educate About Products

Videos play an important role for the consumers to buy the products. But making an impact on purchase decisions depends on the videos that you upload. Educating videos are more helpful for buyers to make the right decision on buying the products.

When consumers watch product videos more than once, it is obvious that they will buy the product online. When a video educates the people, they take or show interest in purchasing the products from the brand.

Rather than reading a post, they find that watching the video is fast, helps them memorize, and even acts as word of mouth. It improves your business, and you find many more video marketing strategies to promote your business. ‘

Reason 4: Videos Are SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is what Google believes in. YouTube is the biggest platform for videos. YouTube Search Engine is the second in number after Google. For any entertainment, funny, educational, motivational, How-To videos, people search on YouTube.

Therefore, videos are great for SEO services. They boost organic traffic and make your brand popular. People will find your videos at the top of the search engine if you follow all the steps of SEO.

If you are a brand and make videos in your particular niche, then the chances are high that SEO will boost your brand name when you have proper headlines, tags, and descriptions on your videos.

For websites that have video content in it, SEO gives them a priority. You can be on the Trending page if you are lucky, or your video can go viral. SEO has the magic to transform your sales into the highest level. Using the right keyword helps your business grow properly. 

5 reasons to use video marketing to drive sales

Reason 5: Creates Trust with Videos

A brand must connect with consumers on a long-term basis. It is only possible if the customers have trust in them. Therefore, videos can help you grow exponential confidence in the consumers. People love to believe what they see online. Informative, entertaining videos are the ones that help you gain the trust of the audience. 

Trust is fragile, and that is why; you have to be genuine as much as you can with your videos. Be loyal, show your face, lead the people behind your success, show through video how you work, teach them about different hacks, give them tips.

The video contents must be shareable. The more the audience will share your videos, the more trust you will gain from the public, who will turn into potential customers. You must create videos that touch human emotions, solve their problems and gain confidence.

These are the five reasons for you to know why video marketing is so popular. It is like a hot cake, and most small and big business houses use this video marketing technique to increase their customer base. Let’s dig deep about video marketing because I know many business houses think that it is an expensive effort. To clear that doubt or many other doubts, first know what is video marketing all about:

Video Marketing Concept

We all know that an image speaks many words. When you upload a video, you can multiply it with a thousand images to get the highest impact. It has that power and, of course, is the best tool for marketing. The audiences get the best engagement for the marketing campaigns. For any business promotion, if you use videos, then it is video marketing. Through videos, when you talk about different products and services, it is a form of video marketing. It helps in the social and digital increase of engagement. Videos also help the audience to get some education and even maximize the reach of the business.

Importance of Video Marketing

For businesses of all sizes, video marketing gains a lot of attention. 70% increase in brand awareness through videos. Also, traffic of sales increases by 51% and even average sales with 34%. Hence, the outcome of video marketing is amazingly significant. Small businesses use videos to convert, retain and attract customers. It gives them great success. 

5 reasons to use video marketing to drive sales

Using Videos in social media 

  1. On social feeds, you can stay a bit longer, and people can watch you. When you post a video, people take time to keep in your profile. They feel happy to go through your content. 
  2. You will get maximum engagement and exposure. People will know more about you. 
  3. You can stand out even more on your social media profile. Your profile will look amazing because of the videos. People will notice you. You will have more saveable and shareable content with the public. 
  4. You get a personalized message to engage with the audience. If you are doing great videos, you will receive a lot of notes. You can stay connected with your followers, address their queries and problems. 
  5. It is one of the powerful tools for sales. For business sales, you can talk about products on videos. It gives you maximum reach. 
  6. You will get maximum reach in the search engine ranking. Google also gives priority to websites that have videos in them. The social media channel where you post ultimate videos will get good search volume. 
  7. Across all other platforms, you will gain tremendous popularity. You will feel great to use videos and transfer your words. It makes things work.

How to Start Making Videos

In the marketing world, content rules. Making a video is a part of content strategy. Even the audience watches the videos because of the contents in them. The fast you start making videos, the fast you will succeed in your business for the long term. You do not need any flashy items to start making videos. You can use a Smartphone, good script, confidence on your face, and you can begin.

Types of Videos You Can Make to Drive Sales

1. Demo Product Review Videos

Product videos are short, and you can use them to explain your products in the business. You must talk about the features, USP, and usefulness of products for the consumers. Also, state the benefits of making videos. At last, you can give a call-to-action to the videos for the audience to encourage them to buy the product. 

2. Behind The Scenes

Showing how you work, how the people work who make your brand. It is a type of video that makes your brand relevant. People find it realistic as you show them the people that work for your business. It is essential because it makes the audience think you are honest; you are not ashamed or hide anything from your actual customers.

3. Educational Videos

About your brand’s products, you can make an educational video where you transfer knowledge from one person to another. Making these kinds of videos enhances your growth. You feel proud to deliver knowledge to the audiences who can rely on your videos. It makes them share your video, and many people can watch them too.

4. How-To Videos

Making how-to videos give the audience an excellent guide to use the product in different types. It provides the audience with a proper message on how-to videos, and they can learn many things. You can even share a bit of tips and tricks that make the video worth watching. It is a great way to enlighten the audience.

5. Customer Testimonial

If you want a marketing video, then uploading a testimonial video is the right one. Here the customers will speak the truth about the product. It is a great video where genuine people can talk about real experiences. It is much more effective, and they can use the video for future sales increment. 

6. Interviews

Yes, you can also make interview videos with experts and let the audience show how your videos can change a life. It makes you feel proud, and you can use it for audiences to watch the video because it is full of information. 

7. Fun Videos

Also, you can make some light-hearted fun videos. People watch videos to entertain themselves. Therefore, you can use this medium to engage your potential audiences. These videos are great, and you can ask the audience to share, so it maximizes the reach. 

Start making these above videos and connect with your audiences. Making these videos will help you gain extreme popularity. You will feel happy, and you can increase your business sales. 

5 reasons to use video marketing to drive sales

The Takeaway

If you are just a startup, invest your time creating engaging videos; it makes a good connection with your audiences. You know them better, and it helps you earn their trust. You can improve your business strategies when you open your business with audiences through videos. Videos are an incredible source of business transformation. They help you to connect with your audience correctly.

Therefore, it is time for you to think about the business and start creating videos that adequately picture your business. It helps your business, and more customers will fetch in to know about you and your business. Be realistic, authentic in your videos to get the significant attention of audiences.

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