10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently in 2021

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Entrepreneur. While the definition of one is as straightforward as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so,” that doesn’t portray all aspects of entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg. There is so much more to them than their ability to take financial risks. These three people have defined what success actually means in today’s modern society. They came up with an idea, made progress into actually make that idea a reality, faced failures and obstacles, and in the end, made a positive difference in the world. But, the most amazing thing of all, is that all of this happened because of their mindset and thought process.

All humans are the same, but not necessarily their mentality and way of thinking. Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. While some people may just sit around and dream about the luxury of being their own boss and having their own business, in order to truly become an entrepreneur, one needs to turn that dream into action.

Those who experienced the process acknowledge that entrepreneurship is a strenuous and complex journey, but in the end, it may be worth it. It is definitely not easy to create a successful company; in fact, statistics show that 90% of startups fail. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs aren’t those who immediately quit their 9-to-5 jobs to chase a get-rich-quick scheme. They are the ones who have an entrepreneurial mindset- a set of perspectives and values that allows them to achieve greatness. They do tons of research and gather information to help understand what they need to do to be successful. And, they put 100% of their efforts and keep going, despite the hardships they often face.

Entrepreneurs aren’t born, they are made. It isn’t about who has the best idea or whose I.Q. is greater, it’s all about mindset. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are more likely to be successful in business, and life. It’s up to you and your mentality on whether you can become the world’s next greatest entrepreneur. But first, you need to change your mindset. Read on to discover 10 ways entrepreneurs think differently!

1. Challenges are opportunities

10 ways entrepreneurs think differently

Just as in life, setbacks, obstacles, and challenges are common and repeating elements in the journey of entrepreneurship. We think that they stop us from achieving our goals and being successful, but in reality, that is not the case at all.

Most people react to challenges with stress and pessimism, and that is the true thing that hinders our progress. It’s not the obstacle itself, it’s our sudden reaction to it. As an entrepreneur, the truth is that you will overcome several different types of hardships that you cannot afford to react to challenges with a negative attitude.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that challenges are opportunities to either grow to improve on a weakness or to take measures to avoid facing a similar setback in the future. Having this type of mindset towards challenges will propel us to success soon ahead.

2. Competitors are research subjects

Rather than viewing competitors as a threat, like most people would, entrepreneurs see competitors as enriching opportunities to learn more about their industry and target market. By looking at your competitors’ business models, you can learn what makes yours unique and embellish that uniqueness in your branding and marketing efforts. Studying your competitors’ emphasis on customer experience can teach you how to make yours better.

Your competitors are doing you a favor — they’ve already gathered tons of valuable information. Entrepreneurs realize that it’s up to them to take advantage of it.


3. Everything requires effort

10 ways entrepreneurs think differently

Everything in life, and entrepreneurship requires effort. Without effort, there is no progress and without effort, there is no result. Entrepreneurs know this in the back of their minds, as entrepreneurship is heavily demanded and very advanced. Something or another needs to be taken care of immediately and with proper decisions. There is no shortage of pitfalls that could negatively affect your business. Successful entrepreneurs are aware and work hard on everything, from product development to sales and marketing, and these different aspects of business require significant effort to achieve success. In order to truly be an entrepreneur, you must be willing to work hard and not take any shortcuts. Along with this, entrepreneurs are contributing to their business at every opportunity, and when they reach one goal, they are already planning their next big target.

4. Perfection is the enemy of progress

It’s a familiar aphorism that nobody understands better than entrepreneurs. Young or inexperienced entrepreneurs might get caught up in chasing their original vision, because original visions are almost invariably “perfect.” But perfection isn’t necessary to run a successful, profitable business. 

In fact, perfection is often what stalls progress. The time you spend trying to hammer down those last few details is likely going to end up as time wasted. Instead, spend your efforts on the big picture, and make sure it’s solid.


Always striving to be perfect is not always the best thing to do. There is no such thing as perfect, as it has different meanings to different individuals. Always try to do your best and don’t worry if it is perfect or not!

5. Big things are made from small components

Small Components make Big Things Happen – Spartadia6 Blog

We always think that in order to see a change in ourselves or another project, it is absolutely necessary to do something huge; otherwise, we won’t see any change. However, having that mentality can be potentially harmful to the way we work and get things done. Small changes DO lead to big progress. We just have to be patient, as it may not be seen right away. For example, doing something small now could be a huge help to a later step in the future.

This works for problems as well as solutions. For example, instead of seeing a content-marketing campaign as a quick way to get traffic and new business, entrepreneurs see content marketing in terms of its individual components (blogging, social-media marketing, link building, etc.), each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Successful entrepreneurs can break down massive projects, problems and campaigns into smaller, more manageable pieces.


6. Mistakes are healthy

Mistakes are always going to be a part of not only entrepreneurship, but life. We all have a certain perception of successful entrepreneurs, like Jeff Bozos and Steve Jobs, that they don’t make mistakes and are “perfect.” However, that is far from the truth.

All successful entrepreneurs till day make mistakes. They wouldn’t be in the position they are in today if they hadn’t. This is because, by their mistakes, they are able to learn what not to do in order to achieve their goals in the future. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes, as they know that it will ultimately contribute to their success if they learn from it.

“Making mistakes is healthy and normal, and the sooner entrepreneurs realize that, the better. Don’t waste time doing everything you can to avoid mistakes or beat yourself up after making one. Acknowledge your mistakes, figure out what you can do to make up for them, and move on.” (entrepreneur.com)

7. Outside perspective is invaluable

The Value of Outside Perspective

Whenever we have to figure out the answer to something, we always think that we’re right and we know what’s best. However, that is not the case in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to be good communicators, so that means that they not only provide their insight, but actively listen to others who have different perspectives and ideas.

Many business owners keep their businesses too rigid, which restricts their ability to grow and achieve more success. On the other hand, successful entrepreneurs are on a constant search for individuals and experiences that will challenge their way of thinking and lead them to see new things from a different point of view.

8. There is no magic

When we read about a super successful entrepreneur who struck it rich, we think “Man, are they lucky or what!” While you may believe in luck or not, it is definitely a product of hard work. Entrepreneurs didn’t get so wealthy by stumbling upon a great idea; they got it pouring years of effort and hard work into turning their passion into their work and life. And of course, we can tell that it paid off. In order to become an entrepreneur, you can’t rely and be dependent on some kind of miracle to appear. Even the best ideas in the world require bundles of patience, skill, and endless efforts to earn a high level of success.

9. Discipline is a prerequisite

To most ordinary people, discipline is an extra that is not required to build success. However, entrepreneurs aren’t your typical people. To entrepreneurs, discipline is their routine. It’s a prerequisite that carries into all aspects of their lives. It takes discipline to wake up earlier than most, exercise when others are sitting, and work hard when others are relaxing. You don’t have to be a regimented military-style leader to be disciplined, but you do have to know what you want and be prepared to do whatever it takes to get it.

10. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle 

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Is the Ultimate in Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurs wake up as entrepreneurs, go to work as entrepreneurs, come home as entrepreneurs and go to bed as entrepreneurs. There is no nine to five. There is no “work life” and “home life.”

The advantage of this is that you have total control over your business and your professional choices, including what you do for it. The (possible) disadvantage of this is that you carry your business with you everywhere you go. Entrepreneurship becomes your work and your life, and you need to be prepared for that if you’re going to survive the lifestyle.

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t about being born with a specific mindset, it’s about being prepared for the challenges that await you.


The Takeaway:

The title “entrepreneur” is not limited to only those who have earned billions by starting a successful company and being smart with their financial decisions. The title of “entrepreneur” is given to anyone who can see through the obstacles and hardships to make progress and advance towards life with a certain mindset. The mindset of not the average, ordinary person you see every day, but the mindset of the legendary, inspirational individuals you look up to.

Not everyone is blessed to be able to develop the entrepreneurial mindset on their own; it is truly amazing if you have already. We all must take guidance and advice from others at some point in our life, so why not now? Entrepreneurs think differently about many aspects of our life. Here are the 10 ways they think differently than others

  1. Challenges are opportunities
  2. Competitors are research subjects
  3. Everything requires effort
  4. Perfection is the enemy of progress
  5. Big things are made from small components
  6. Mistakes are healthy
  7. Outside perspective is invaluable
  8. There is no magic
  9. Discipline is a prerequisite
  10. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle

For more information on the mindset of entrepreneurs, be sure to check out this inspiring book, “Basementality: How This Entrepreneur Drove His Fight Against Big Sugar and Rose from the Basement to a $1.7 Billion Brand.” Along with this, check out this video on the secret of how to think like an entrepreneur. Last but not least, if you want to start now, check out this article on how to be a teenage entrepreneur!

All entrepreneurs have struggled for a long time to be able to hold the position they have right now, and while some may turn away at first glance, thinking differently than the average people is the first step to achieving success. So, what are you waiting for? You now know the secrets to the mind of an entrepreneur, it is up to you to decide what you gain from it!

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